output, performance


The parameter can have the values yes or no.


  1. No error message is generated for an inappropriate value.
  2. The default value is no.


When this value is set to yes, all of the modelling session performance parameters supplied by X! TANDEM are written into the XML output file. These performance statistics recorded include the following information:

  1. list path, sequence sources
  2. modelling, estimated false positives
  3. modelling, total proteins used
  4. modelling, total spectra assigned
  5. modelling, total spectra used
  6. modelling, total unique assigned
  7. process, start time
  8. process, version
  9. refining, # input models
  10. refining, # input spectra
  11. refining, # partial cleavage
  12. refining, # point mutations
  13. refining, # potential C-terminii
  14. refining, # potential N-terminii
  15. refining, # unanticipated cleavage
  16. timing, initial modelling total (sec)
  17. timing, initial modelling/spectrum (sec)
  18. timing, load sequence models (sec)
  19. timing, refinement/spectrum (sec)

If it is set to no, then these parameters are not recorded.

see also: output, parameters | output, results

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