output, proteins


The parameter can have the values yes or no.


  1. No error message is generated for an inappropriate value.
  2. The default value is no.


When this value is set to yes, the BIOML <protein> information associated with a peptide-to-spectrum match are recorded in the XML output file. This is the recommended mode of operation for X! TANDEM, as it records the version of the protein sequence actually used for the identification. Sequence lists generated from database systems can change from time-to-time, with the deletion of accession numbers and the alteration of protein sequences associated with a particular accession number. If the output, sequences value is no, then all of the information in the <protein> node is written, except for the full sequence of the protein.

If it is set to no, then the <protein> nodes are not recorded. The recording of the input parameters,performance statistics or other types of results are not affected by the value of this parameter.

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