protein, quick acetyl


The parameter can have the values yes or no.


  1. Default value = yes.
  2. Introduced in version 2010.01.01.1.


Most intracellular proteins in eukaryotes (and all prokaryote proteins) have the N-terminal methionine residue removed immediately following translation. In prokaryotes, the new N-terminal residue is left unmodified. In eukaryotes, the new N-terminal residue is often acetylated (H2C2O, +42 Da). If the N-terminal methionine is not removed in eukaryotes, the methionine itself can be acetylated.

When this parameter is yes, these common modifications are checked for the peptides generated from the protein's N-terminus, at all stages of analysis.

see also: protein, quick pyrolidone, refine, potential N-terminus modifications

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