refine, sequence path


The value of this parameter is a string containing the full or relative path to an existing sequence file, in valid BIOML format.


  1. This parameter was introduced in version 2006.04.01
  2. If this parameter is absent or does not represent a valid file path, nothing is done.
  3. No error condition is displayed if a file cannot be read.


Just prior to executing the refinement steps of a search, a list of protein sequences to use for the refinement steps is created. When this parameter is a valid input file path, that list of proteins is altered by adding the sequences present in the input file. Repeated sequences are not included. The input file can either be an X! Tandem BIOML ouput file or a file generated by the use of the output, sequence path parameter. This sequence import step occurs prior to the generation of a file by the use of the output, sequence path parameter, so using both parameters will generate an output file that is a composite of the sequences found during the first step of the search and the sequences imported. Sequences are imported even if there will be no refinement steps executed.

see also: output, sequence path | refine

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