spectrum, sequence batch size


The value is a non-zero integer.


  1. This parameter was introduced in version 2006.04.01
  2. If this parameter is absent or < 0, the default value of 1000 is used.


When X! Tandem reads sequences from a source file, such as a FASTA file, it reads in a "batch" of sequences at once. The value of this parameter sets the number of sequences loaded in as a "batch". Typically, a value near 1000 is about the best trade off between efficiency of loading sequences in from a file and using too much computer memory to store the sequences.

As batches of sequences are processed, the console display (and log file, if desired) display a character as each batch is finished. Setting the value of this parameter to 1 will display a character for every sequence.

see also: output, log path | output, message

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