spectrum, path type

Value is an ASCII text string describing the format of a spectrum listing file.


  1. If absent or a zero length string, the spectrum format detection scheme is used.


When a spectrum listing file is imported into X! TANDEM, it is necessary to determine the format of the file. The automatic routines in X! TANDEM should be able to discover if the format is acceptible, however it is possible that some files may be incorrectly typed. This type of error can happen if the file is only near to the appropriate file format.

The spectrum, path type parameter can be used to override the format detection routines to force X! TANDEM to use a particular file format. The allowed values for this parameter are as follows:

  1. dta;
  2. pkl;
  3. mgf;
  4. gaml;
  5. mzdata; and
  6. mzxml.

see also: spectrum, path

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