spectrum, use noise suppression


The parameter can have the values yes or no.


  1. No error message is generated when an uninterpretable value is entered for this parameter.
  2. A default value of no is substituted if the parameter cannot be interpreted or is absent.


X! TANDEM uses several mechanisms to attempt to reduce the number of spectra considered in a list of spectra. When this parameter is set to yes, spectra that fit the pattern of "noise" - spectra caused by the fragmentation of chemical noise peaks - are rejected without further analysis. This feature can be very useful when dealling with large amounts of data from automated LC/MS experiments. Some experimentation may be required to determine what settings are appropriate for the noise detection filters (see the links below). Setting the parameter to no skips the noise filters and allows all spectra to be modelled.

see also:spectrum, minimum parent m+h | spectrum, minimum peaks

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