The anaphase-promoting complex: a key factor in the regulation of cell cycle Oncogene 24, 314–325 (2005)
The following Modification-Abundance (M-A) diagrams show the number of times a residue has been observed with a particular PTM in a peptide-to-spectrum match in GPMDB, as a function of the residue's position in the corresponding protein sequence. Note that the Y-axes have log scales.
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 APC proteins
APC — ANAPC1:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 1 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:19988; TSL:1; UP:Q9H1A4] alt: MCPR, TSG24, APC1 [15894 ×] (details)

APC — ANAPC2:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 2 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:19989; TSL:1; UP:Q9UJX6] alt: APC2, KIAA1406 [6735 ×] (details)

APC — CDC27:p, cell division cycle 27 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:1728; TSL:1; UP:P30260] alt: APC3, ANAPC3, NUC2, D0S1430E, D17S978E [12227 ×] (details)

APC — ANAPC4:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 4 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:19990; TSL:1; UP:Q9UJX5] alt: APC4 [9561 ×] (details)

APC — ANAPC5:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 5 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:15713; TSL:1; UP:Q9UJX4] alt: APC5 [9725 ×] (details)

APC — CDC16:p, cell division cycle 16 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:1720; TSL:1; UP:Q13042] alt: APC6, ANAPC6, CUT9 [10741 ×] (details)

APC — ANAPC7:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 7 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:17380; TSL:1; UP:Q9UJX3] alt: APC7 [14526 ×] (details)

APC — CDC23:p, cell division cycle 23 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:1724; TSL:1; UP:Q9UJX2] alt: APC8, ANAPC8, CUT23 [13207 ×] (details)

APC — ANAPC10:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 10 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:24077; TSL:1; UP:Q9UM13] alt: APC10, DOC1, DKFZP564L0562 [2634 ×] (details)

APC — ANAPC11:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 11 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:14452; TSL:1; UP:Q9NYG5] alt: HSPC214, APC11, Apc11p, MGC882 [478 ×] (details)

APC — CDC26:p, cell division cycle 26 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:17839; TSL:1; UP:Q8NHZ8] alt: APC12, ANAPC12, C9orf17 [4390 ×] (details)

APC — ANAPC13:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 13 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:24540; TSL:1; UP:Q9BS18] alt: SWM1, APC13, DKFZP566D193 [1066 ×] (details)

APC — ANAPC15:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 15 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:24531; TSL:1; UP:P60006] alt: HSPC020, DKFZP564M082, APC15, C11orf51 [681 ×] (details)

APC — ANAPC16:p, anaphase promoting complex subunit 16 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:26976; TSL:1; UP:Q96DE5] alt: bA570G20.3, FLJ33728, APC16, CENP-27, C10orf104 [3350 ×] (details)

APC — CDC20:p, cell division cycle 20 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:1723; TSL:1; UP:Q12834] alt: p55CDC, CDC20A [8497 ×] (details)

 SCF proteins
SCF — CUL1:p, cullin 1 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:2551; TSL:1; UP:Q13616] [23239 ×] (details)

SCF — RBX1:p, ring-box 1 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:9928; TSL:1; UP:P62877] alt: ROC1, RNF75, BA554C12.1 [15616 ×] (details)

SCF — SKP1:p, S-phase kinase associated protein 1 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:10899; TSL:1; UP:P63208] alt: EMC19, OCP2, TCEB1L, MGC34403, OCP-II, p19A, SKP1A [34662 ×] (details)

SCF — SKP2:p, S-phase kinase associated protein 2 [GRCh38.p13; HGNC:10901; TSL:1; UP:Q13309] alt: FBXL1, FBL1, p45 [3990 ×] (details)