list path, default parameters

Value is an ASCII text string describing a configuration file.


  1. Relative or absolute path names can be used.
  2. If the configuration file are resident on a remote disk, a full UNC path name is usually required.
  3. Any allowed file name can be used, but only one taxonomy configuration file can be specified per input.


X! TANDEM uses a two pass system for reading input parameters. In the first pass, the input XML file is opened and the string corresponding to list path, default parameters is read. The input file is then closed and the file corresponding to this string is opened. If the file exists, TANDEM then reads all of the API parameters available in the file into memory. The file is then closed and the original input file is opened. Any API parameters in the input file are then read and stored, over-riding any values that have were set by the default file.

This type of system means that it is possible to write very small input files, containing the few parameters that are to be varied from experiment to experiment, storing the majority of the API parameters in default method files that can be reused.

see also: input file format

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