refine, tic percent


The value of this parameter is a percentage, a floating point number >0.0.


  1. This parameter was introduced in version 2006.04.01
  2. If the value of this parameter is zero or absent, the default value 20.0 is used.


When X! Tandem is executing a refinement job, the number of protein sequences to be tested is known. During the job, X! Tandem sends a dot "." character to the console (and log file, if desired) when the fraction of the job corresponding to the value of this parameter has been finished. For exmaple, if this parameter is set to 10, and 1000 protein sequences are being tested, then a character is sent to the console every time 1000 x 10/100 = 100 sequences have been processed. The total number of characters (tics) would be 10.

see also: spectrum, sequence batch size | output, log path | refine

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