spectrum, dynamic range


The value is a floating point number Drange > 1.0


  1. The value 100.0 is used as a default if the parameter is absent or has a value < 1.0.
  2. No error message is generated by an inappropriate value for this parameter.
  3. The recommended value for general use is 100.0.


This parameter is used to normalize the intensity values of fragment ions, from spectrum to spectrum. For example, if Drange = 100.0, then the intensity of the most intense peak in a spectrum is set to 100, and all of the other intensities are linearly scaled to that intensity. Any peak with a scaled intensity of less than 1 is rejected as being outside of the dynamic range. Therefore, in addition to normalizing the spectra, it sets an effective relative threshold for peaks.

see also: spectrum, minimum parent m+h | spectrum, minimum fragment mz
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